Street performers in Prague

The first are some Peruvian performers near our hotel from yesterday. I suspect the original Andes sound wasn’t quite so electronic with such a beat. 🙂 Still fun to watch. Those outfits can’t be comfortable in the heat,

Peruvian performers in Prague

These two on the Charles Bridge were quite good. We listened to several songs and they got a good response from the passers-by. Best accordion music you’ve heard in a while!

Accordian music on the Charles Bridge

Further along the bridge was a jazz and swing band. Debb and I were dancing in front of them and I’m sure we are on YouTube. There were sure a lot of cameras pointed at us. Let us know if you see it!

A full and fun day. I have a lot of photos to sort through.

We are back on the road tomorrow.


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  1. I went looking for “swing dancing in Prague” on Google, in hopes of finding you. Instead, I found that Prague hosts an international swing dancing festival every year. Who knew?!

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