Greetings from Seattle

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Debb and I have been home for 4 days. Our checked luggage has been home for two. We were standing at the luggage carousel waiting for our green bag when we heard Debb’s name over the public address system. We knew instantly what it was about. Sure enough, the Lufthansa rep apologized for our bag not making the connection in Frankfurt. Promises were made for the same flight the next day. And it was, we just couldn’t go get it that day, so two days later our bag was back in our hands. No harm, no foul and points to the Lufthansa folks for taking care of it promptly.

We took the bus and the train to get home. It really is easy, and if you are a Sr Citizen, it is really inexpensive. 75 cents for Sound Transit and another 75 cents for the bus. It is pretty inexpensive even if you aren’t 65 and over. Recommended.

I have suffered from a bit of jet lag but not badly. Mostly I feel like I’m still on Europe time, going to bed and getting up out of sync with Seattle. Almost gone now, 4 days later.

Lots of Lessons Learned on this first trip. We have lists of things we forgot to take, things we didn’t need to take, and things we didn’t even think about. Next time will be much better. And we will certainly take less.

It is good to be home, bags and all.

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  1. Yay, Phil! Congrats on getting the WordPress thing going. Looking forward to reading about your future adventures.
    Oh, and a suggestion: Windows Live Writer is the best blogging-assistant tool I’ve found for Windows users – and it’s free. It really makes blogging to a WordPress site utterly effortless, including uploading basic photos and stuff. Check it out.

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