Greetings from Salonetto, Italy

Find Balzano. It is northeast of Milan deep in the Dolomites. Now follow the main road to the left like you are going to Merano. About halfway on the right you will see Salonetto sitting up there on the hill overlooking the valley. We are here for a few nights.

Debb is still not at her usual energy level so we decided to take the freeway to get here. We left Ramsau and headed for Salzburg. We stopped for gas and a coffee and when we left there was a band playing next door. I walked over to see what was going on and there were about 50 folks in uniform playing while some older folks walked by following a big banner being carried along.

Turns out in Austria and Germany, today is a holiday. Some kind of religious holiday, a lady told us. As we made our way along we noticed that there were no trucks on the highway and all the parking areas were jammed with parked trucks. Trucks are not allowed to be on the road on this holiday. Some exceptions for perishable goods and the like. What a nice treat to ride so far and not have trucks in the way. Of course, as soon as we arrived in Italy it was back to normal.

So our route took us north through Salzburg, west into Germany toward Munich, then south on E60 up the hill to Italy, then down the other side to Bolzano and here. The last two stretches are toll roads, 8.50 Euros in Germany, another 6.5 Euros in Italy. You will be happy to pay it. This is the most scenic freeway section I have ever been on. Mountains all around, great highway engineering to marvel at and every now and then a really nice castle perched on a hill top. Just wonderful.

The road getting up here is full of switchbacks and lots of sport bikes were having a go. Debb and I were moving chicanes, but we held our lines.

The weather forecast for this area looks good so I will be climbing the switchbacks for the next couple of days. Stay tuned.