The best dual-sport bike?

The one you are riding when the pavement ends!

I was out with some friends for a ride and decided to continue past Barlow Pass on the Mountain Loop Highway and on to Darrington. The first couple of miles was full of potholes so I had to ride carefully there. After that it was smooth hard pack with only the occasional light gravel and I zipped along smartly. It is not the most scenic 14 miles you will ever ride but there are a few spots worthy of some pixels. Plenty of side roads to explore if you find yourself there with a real dual-sport bike. Camping spots too, if you are so inclined.

The Charming Gentleman's Ride goes off the pavement

The Charming Gentleman’s Ride goes off the pavement

A pretty spot to pause and reflect

A pretty spot to pause and reflect

Charming Gentlemen Riding Vertical Twins

To celebrate my friend Carl’s new-to-him Triumph Bonneville and my well-running 37yo Yamaha XS650 we decided to quickly establish a new club and meet halfway to work out bylaws and other details. Carl headed west from Spokane and I rode east from Seattle and with no more coordination than “I’ll see you at noon”, we arrived at our destination in Moxee nearly to the second of each other. What organization! What riding skill! What luck! I predict a great future for this new group.

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